Project Description

The Power of Engagement

Online communities act as the face and voice of your brand in social media channels, whether you want them to or not. Smart brands drive ongoing, actionable engagement with these target audiences to generate positive digital media outcomes and promote a strong and healthy brand image.

Whether creating a community of successful female business founders for Dell or building deeper ties to the local education and special needs community for Microsoft or encouraging Chinese comic book fans, HFB helps brands better integrate with their online communities, fostering authentic communications 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Making Sense of China’s Social Media

Did you know that over a third of China’s mobile online time is being spent on WeChat. As the world’s fastest growing social media platform, and the primary link between brands and consumers, WeChat continues to develop into a marketing powerhouse with 1 billion active users. Chinese social media has vast reach and influence across many segments of the population. In this dynamic and multi-faceted environment knowing the right tactics and leveraging the right platforms to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns is critical to success. HFB is laser focused on engagement, content, metrics and monitoring – all ensuring that we’re finding audiences where they are, reaching them with content that want and adapting our strategy to be as nimble and dynamic as we are relevant.