Have Faith in Your Brand believes that how you play the game is as important as winning

When we started Have Faith in Your Brand, we felt strongly that business success and social impact are not mutually exclusive in today’s world, and that helping improve the value of cause marketing in China was our mission. Focusing on causes that mattered to us, HFB brings together companies, NGOs, social action groups and individuals in campaigns that turn customers into brand advocates while building social collateral and addressing relevant issues.

In cultures like China where face-to-face interactions are preferred, we see great opportunity for brand interaction when you go beyond traditional PR and marketing to reach your customers in a genuine way by working with a particular cause or impact area. Private corporations, MNCs and state-owned-enterprises in China are looking for ways to expand their CSR efforts while also making them more relevant in order to improve brand value, drive sales and build loyalty.

With decades of PR and marketing experience in China, we can deliver strategies and tactics for brand and corporate citizenship, strategic philanthropy, issues management and positioning to better align a company’s social responsibility goals with the right groups and cause-based organizations to drive both business success and social progress.