White Feet - Shanghai

I am the proud Dog Mom of 3 little furballs – Felix, Rose and Georgie! Felix and Rose are brother and sister, mixed rescue dogs from Beijing; Georgie is a Pug… They are our pride and joy and like any “mom” I spend a lot of time trying to find healthy, affordable treats and food that the “kids” all like.  Georgie has her own particular tastes when it comes to food and Rose can be very picky.  Luckily, Felix will pretty much eat anything that doesn’t eat him first.

The family

So I am on a quest to find treats they will all eat more than once. That’s key, because these guys seem to get bored with certain foods and treats.

When in China, the constant concern was finding authentic, safe pet foods and treats. Then we had to find healthy choices from the brands we could find. In even the best quality pet stores in China, much of the food and snacks are black market and vary greatly in quality.  Luckily, there are trusted international chain stores like Carrefour and Metro who sell mostly genuine products, but with limited selection.

One brand that we quickly found in all the better small pet grooming stores back in China was Greenies.  The packaging stood out, the benefits and details all seemed good and the dogs loved them. After I saw that Greenies scored 4.7 out of 5 stars in reviews on Amazon, I was sold.


Initially, I was very happy to see that Greenies market themselves as being proudly from Kansas City, Missouri, which gave me the impression they were an independent producer. But upon digging a bit more it seems that MARS owns them now.  As a fan of small business, I was slightly bummed about this, but moving on.

What I like best about Greenies is that all three dogs like them and they are easy to find.  They also do a good job cleaning down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath.

For our three little pooches, the larger bag that runs about $30-33 lasts three weeks. Greenies come in multiple sizes, flavors and gluten and grain free varieties, which makes them great for multi-dog families like ours.

I’ll be posting more reviews so check back soon.