UPDATED: 12 December 2012 – Have Faith in Your Brandis entering its third year riding the cause marketing consultancy’s expansion into China. Singapore-based HFB saw great opportunity in China’s nascent NGO sector and in early 2012 began providing brand-to-cause alignment and sponsorship consulting to a host of organizations in Beijing. HFB helps NGOs, social enterprises and non-profits work smarter and get more out of their corporate and sponsor relationships by better aligning their goals and activities with the brand values of their partners.

“We have had a great year working with several organizations in Beijing including the Jane Goodall Institute China and Thirst, which are rapidly expanding their reach and operations, but require more specialized expertise when it comes to corporate relations,” said Faith Brewitt, founder and president of HFB. “We vet NGOS in China, help them leverage existing corporate involvement and find new partners that match with the organization’s mission and activities.”

Cause-Based Marketing Approach

HFB builds partnerships by going beyond press relations and social media to create or identify tailored outreach that highlights the unique goals, aspirations and challenges of NGOs, social enterprises and like-minded corporations in a way that speaks to relevant issues.

“We offer our expertise to organizations that are focused on causes that matter to us – Women, Sustainability, Chinese Millennials and Golden Boomers,” explained Mike Chambers, co-founder and managing partner of HFB. “After nearly two decades in the agency/corporate world, we want to be more pro-active and socially conscious, but still do what we do best – manage, organize and plan. In 2012, women, sustainability and Chinese Millennials were HFB’s major areas of attention.”

Women: China’s professional women sector is filled with Millennials, mid-career professionals, and business owners. HFB helped organizations like sHero  engage the female professional market in China by making the right career connections and filmmaker Emmanuel Itier find the vibrant young voice of Chinese women for his latest film FEMME: Women Healing the World.

Sustainability: China’s rise has placed a serious strain on its environment; the government and the public recognize that more needs to be done in the areas of conservation and sustainability. We worked with the Jane Goodall Institute China to develop a more effective sponsorship strategy and improve their overall efficiency so they can continue their mission of educating the next generation of environmental stewards.

As China becomes more focused on solving its sustainability challenges, the demand for news about the latest innovative technologies is opening doors for US companies, like renewable chemicals and biofuel company Bio Architecture Lab, who employed us to get great coverage in China for their seaweed conversion technology.

Chinese Millennials: Like Millennials around the world, China’s youth population is a vibrant and uniquely vocal audience that has aspirations of personal wealth and social impact. Channeling their passion and drive and giving them the chance to lead on a global stage is the objective of international youth summit One Young World, who worked with us to raise awareness and participation in Asia.

Many companies and organizations are vying for access to Chinese Millennials; one NGO that is educating their fans about ‘invisible water’ is Thirst, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. By providing sponsorship and organizational consulting to Thirst’s executive team, HFB is helping them leverage their massive social media following into new sponsorship opportunities, including their most recent Dragon education workshop with the Paulson InstituteSesame Workshop and The Nature Conservancy.