Have Faith in Your Brand helps NGOs and non-profits work smarter and get more out of their corporate and sponsor relationships. We work with organizations to better align their goals and activities with the business and brand values of their partners in four meaningful causes.

Our Areas of Expertise

HFB builds partnerships by going beyond press relations and social media to create or identify tailored outreach that highlights the unique goals, aspirations and challenges of NGOs, social enterprises and like-minded corporations in a way that speaks to relevant issues.
Women-owned businesses in the US alone rake in US$2.8 trillion annually. Filled with Millennials, mid-career professionals, and business owners, engage and empower the female professional market in China in the right ways and you’ll earn their loyalty. These women crave insights and strong communities, like sHero where women professionals can make the right career connections. They also have strong voice and wish to be heard. Which is why Emmanuel Itier worked with us to find the vibrant young voice of Chinese women for his latest film FEMME: Women Healing the World.
China’s rise has placed a serious strain on its environment; the government and the public recognize that more needs to be done in the areas of conservation and sustainability. We worked with the Jane Goodall Institute China to develop a more effective sponsorship strategy and improve their overall efficiency so they can continue their mission of educating the next generation of environmental stewards. As China becomes more focused on solving its sustainability challenges, the demand for news about the latest innovative technologies is opening doors for US companies, like renewable chemicals and biofuel company Bio Architecture Lab, who employed us to get great coverage in Chinafor their seaweed conversion technology.
The over 50 group is the fastest growing customer segment across most of Asia. China’s aging population means there is a growing number of Chinese over the age of 50 who have money to spend and are at a point in their life when they are starting new ventures and traveling the world. As the number of Chinese-based NGOs who focus on seniors increases, so too will the opportunities to develop unique corporate-NGO partnerships in China.

Case Studies