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4 Simple Tips for Getting Hired in China

Everywhere I go around the world, I hear senior hiring managers lament they can’t find great talent in China.  Well, the talent is indeed here. But they aren’t packaging themselves yet in a way to make it easy for English speaking hiring managers and recruiters to find them. If you’re a deserving young talent in […]

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Mentor Diary: Helping Two Millennials Find Jobs in China

Since starting China’s first cause marketing consultancy, I’ve prioritized time each month to help savvy young Chinese people prepare for interviews with Western companies.  I don’t get paid for it, it’s just something that I do because I wish I had someone helping me navigate career building in China back in the early 90’s and, […]

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Chinese Startup Jide Rocks the Remix Ultra-Tablet at CES 2015

Jide Technology announced that it is poised to launch the Remix™ ultra-tablet running the Remix® OS into the U.S. market over the course of 2015. The Beijing-based technology company made its American debut at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where cofounder David Ko shared Jide’s backstory and demoed its ultra-tablet the Remix.

The […]

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